• Rammstein never sued Apocalyptica

    Contrary to various statements by ill-informed, quick-to-print publications, the band Rammstein never sued the band Apocalyptica.

    As Apocalyptica correctly represents on their website, action was brought against the record label Sony Music. As the successor in title for the label Gun Records, Sony Music agreed to a settlement for the wrongful use of the trademark "Rammstein" following the closure of Gun Records.

    During the album release of "Worlds Collide," Apocalyptica and Rammstein came to an understanding about the substance and process of working together.

    However, the manner in which the record label Gun Records promoted the album did not conform with the wishes of either band.

    Rammstein's action against Gun Records was filed with Apocalyptica's knowledge and agreement.

    Apocalyptica left the firm Gun Records shortly after the lawsuit's filing.