• Farewell to North America

    After 4 weeks and 13 shows of their "Liebe ist für alle da" Tour, Rammstein bade farewell to North America and returned to Berlin last week. In December 2010, the band played their first concert in the U.S. in almost 10 years, and the subsequent clamorous reactions of thousands of American fans who were unable to get tickets for the New York Madison Square Garden show precipitated the band’s desire to return to North America for more performances. (The first of many interviews on American soil followed, albeit conducted initially by border guards rather than the press).
    Thanks must be given to Combichrist, who supported Rammstein on 9 shows for the 3rd time on tour.
    After waiting with great patience, more than 150,000 fans attended the shows. This was a huge success, for which we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have been part of these impressive stagings.
    In addition, the long TV abstinence of the band came to an end. During their LA visit, Rammstein performed in front of about 600 fans at the U.S. late-night show: "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
    After the last U.S. concert in Las Vegas and as preparation for touring Mother Mexico, there was a 3-day stay scheduled in Los Angeles. This time was also made use of to film the band’s 22nd Video, directed once again by Jonas Åkerlund. The clip is expected to be released in late autumn of this year.